The Persetorsk Day: the ICONIC, local fish dish

It all started as a joke on Facebook. When Bien-chef Gard Haugland suggested that the local dish “persetorsk” should have its day, the City Council in Bergen reacted quickly and decided that 28 January should be dedicated to this traditional cod dish.

Haugland has had the traditional cod dish on the menu in his restaurants for several years. Both because he believes it is important to preserve food culture, but most of all, because of the amazing taste.

So, what it persetorsk?

“Persetorsk” is sugared and salted cod that has been put under pressure. This gives the fish a mild and enjoyable taste and its delicate texture. The name “perse” can be translated into “pressure”, allegedly a reference to the pressing method used to create the dish. The cod is usually served with buttered sauce, maybe even made with local cider, and pureed peas.

«It’s probably the most authentic dish we have in Bergen. I don’t think you’ll find it anywhere else,» says Haugland.

The Persetorsk Day was celebrated for the very first time, on 28 January 2020. The day is marked throughout the city by several of the local restaurants putting persetorsk on the menu, to honor the city’s proud food heritage and pay tribute to this traditional cod dish.

The dish is also to be found in some restaurants throughout the year. Look for persetorsk on the menu the next time you visit Bergen.

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