Strategy for Bergen as a City of Gastronomy 2019-2030

Strategy for Bergen as a City of Gastronomy was approved and endorsed by the City Council in March 2019. The strategy outlines how to strengthen Bergen as a City of Gastronomy in a longterm vision.

Bergen was designated a UNESCO City of Gastronomy in 2015. Food is allready an integrated part of strategies and initiatives across the municipality, but with this strategy the City of Bergen will for the first time present a comprehensive and cross-cutting strategy for food and gastronomy across all departments.

The documents may be found here (in Norwegian):

In short, the strategy presents the following overreaching vision: “Bergen City of Gastronomy – internationally recognized for sustainable and world class food experiences”.

Two main goals are defined:

  1. Bergen will take an international and international position as a City of Gastronomy. Bergen will be recognized for world class experiences within food and beverages, based on local traditions and products
  2. Bergen City of Gastronomy will be strengthened towards 2030 by promoting food as an important building block for city development. Key words are: Gastronomy, sustainability, Food culture and benefits of Food and gastronomy for Health and well being.

The strategy outlines a number of intiatives to reach the goals. Initiatives will be operationalised in two year action plans, starting in 2019.

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